TTG 1868 for Sunday 13 February 2022

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Saw that show herd all that bad blood with COX; i fell the same way. The only thing that stops me
is my land lord yelling at me you will use COX and you will like it give up that LUS Fiber “beep”.
What’s bad is the best we can get is like 40MBS and the aging COWAX lines are an fire issue. Many days even just nortal websefting I get spends like 12MBS vs the 150MBS I’m paying for some days I’m lucky just to get 36MBS. As cord cutter being forsed to pay for their tv svrive is even worse. With the box being an must have I lost one of 2 HDMI ports on my UHDTV that alot of things I have is siting their unused just so I could watch the local news. Like my Apple TV 4K Box, my moded PS3, my moded X-BOX 360, and my retro pi based arcade system.