TTG 1830 for Sunday 19 September 2021

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Once again, an odd “URL cannot be found” error on this episode with my podcast client (Podcast Republic). All the other shows are fine, it’s only the handful of shows that I’ve reported that have gone adrift. Unsub/resub has cleared the error so far, haven’t tried yet with this one. The URL it is using is:

Unsub/resub solved it, but I noticed that the “broken” episode still shows in the episode list with incorrect title and artwork. The “correct” 1830 is now also listed and has successfully downloaded.

I recently installed a new IOT device that, when I turned the 5 GHz band back on, stopped working immediately. In other words, it is not inclined to remain connected to the setup band. It came out less than 3 years ago.

I could have renamed the 5 GHz band to something unique, but I just turned it back off. I don’t do anything over WiFi that calls for 5 GHz.

And Android did a very bad job of switching between the (identically named) bands anyway. When I moved to a room farther than the router, my phone often failed to switch to 2.4 GHz and I’m sick of manually switching.

Yes, making sure the phone is/stays on 2.4 GHz is important.

(If you’re talking about my post…) It’s not going to the phone one setup, it’s switching which (identically-named) WiFi band it’s connected to the router on.

I use two VLANs on my Ubiquiti config: one for computers and one for IoT. The IoT VLAN only offers 2.4Ghz which helps a lot. IoT devices are often not too bright.

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Very disappointed to hear Leo ridicule a listener. I’ve listened to Leo for a long time and he seems like a great guy. He always answers “dumb” or “crazy”questions with patience and professionalism. That is why it surprised me to hear him become almost mean with the woman who asked about the phone without 5G and a company that supports conservative values. The idea that companies have certain values or political leanings is not unheard of. I hear people all the time calling for boycotts of companies because they advertise on a conservative radio show or podcast. Let’s face it, Apple is not a conservative values company. Most tech companies lean left.

After the call there were several trolls sending in questions like “how to get a TV without 1080p?” While you don’t control that, you don’t have to play into it by saying “don’t want to get the COVID” referring to the woman’s desire to avoid 5G.

One of the things I liked about The Tech Guy…in a world where just about everything is political, he, for the most part, stays non political. Bottom line, you lost a long time listener. Ridiculing a conservative woman did it for me. Like Michael Jordan said “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

If the user goes political, I see no reason for @Leo to not respond in kind. I haven’t listened to the episode, but if the listener was trying to avoid 5G it’s not political, it’s paranoia, and that doesn’t deserve any positive attention.


I don’t think it was political as such. The caller was expressing some very unscientific opinions on matters that can affect people’s physical and mental health. I think Leo was being entirely appropriate in pointing out the factual counter-arguments to that viewpoint. That viewpoint is sometimes associated, in the press and social media, with particular political leanings, but Leo wasn’t addressing that, just the factual inaccuracies. He’s equally willing to point out unscientific fallacies in statements from people not associated with that political standpoint, for example Elon Musk.

A subsequent TTG caller (not necessarily the same episode) identified himself as a conservative Christian, and Leo was enthusiastic about his kindness-inspired actions.

I think Leo treads the fine line between being respectful to callers and challenging dangerous unscientific statements pretty well. Non-dangerous unscientific things he lets pass, because none of us is perfect.


I thought @Leo handled it about as well as one could with a straight face. The real mistake was the call screener putting it through in the first place.

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Months ago I meant to applaud @Leo for speaking truth about Covid. In terms of discussing proper public health measures including vaccines, masks, etc. and now in pointing out that 5G does not cause Covid (FFS).

It’s brave, because it risks losing listeners as @eziggy3 just claimed to be an example of.

Leo could be selfishly avoiding difficult truths, but instead he’s heroically doing the right thing, which is never more important than when it’s a matter of life and mass death. In this context, chuckling at deadly misinformation is the gentlest honorable thing one can do.

The times call for truth. It’s obviously necessary and important, particularly given the current messed up bubbled USA mediascape. It’s not political; it’s not Leo’s fault that truth has been abandoned and politicized by so many. The truth is just the truth. I’ve never been more proud of Leo.