TTG 1723 for Sat 29 August 2020

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Interesting comment by @Leo off air with Scott, about problems “killing” electronics in his solar power supplied home. Would really appreciate a follow up on cause and solution in future if possible.
If solar system has a modified sine wave inverter installed, versus a more expensive pure sine wave inverter, I think a tech guy needs to unplug his very expensive gear really quick. Especially if he literally fried camera bodies. Hopefully it is just that the powers supplies don’t work on dirty AC.

Interesting how a lot of gear does not like dirty AC. Was running a Lionel O gauge train setup several years ago. All Lionel electronics specifies 120v 60hz, but being stubborn, tried using step down transformer to run off Australian 240v 50hz. Lionel didn’t lie, would not work. Then got a DC power supply and local cheap 120v 50hz inverter. Didn’t work. When I finally upgraded to pure sine wave inverter, it finally worked, but …“Frequency can’t matter” says me. Some things worked on 50 hz, but others didn’t, like the whistle. Finally ordered a US 120v, 60hz, pure sine wave inverter. Everything worked.

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I don’t know if this is relevant [now] or not because it’s a year old and I understand the powerwalls have upgradable firmware.