TTG 1721 for Sat 22 August 2020

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Help Please! I still cannot get The Tech Guy Show from Itunes. The other shows from Twit that I listen to work fine, WW and TWiT. I have resubscribed but that does nothing. Even in the actual Itunes store I cannot get it to DL, In my Itunes it says “An Unknown Error Occured”. Any help would be appreciated. I still listen on an Ipod Classic. It’s audio I am trying to get. @ant_pruitt or @Leo or anyone else, any ideas? It has been since episode 1717. The weird thing is I thought it was fixed because 1720 DLed OK but now 1721 errors out. Thanks in advance. Long Time Listener.


Hmm. Tell me how you are doing it. On a Mac, Windows? What version of the OS?

I just downloaded 1721 using Apple Podcasts on my Catalina Mac without problems.


1721 is ok on my MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and iPhone 11ProMax

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Hi @Leo , thanks for helping. I am on Windows 10 Home version 1909. I use Itunes because, as I mentioned, I am probably one of very few if any who still listens to your podcasts on an Ipod Classic. I just checked again and TWiT downloaded just fine but I can’t get The Tech Guy. The only show that DLed Ok was 1720 since 1717. I even go into the Itunes store itself through my Itunes Program and try to DL from there and nothing, it errors out. Guessing it is just me since I am using old tech. I have been getting the TG Show from your site lately and put it on my Ipod that way.

Leo you mentioned about using a SSD for offline backup. I could not find anything recent but I had seem an article about SSDs with no power losing data after 2 years. I would go with either burning disc and having a spinning hard drive or using a thumb drive.

Has the issue of SSDs in storage been resolved?

I too had heard a similar thing and I too wonder if they are reliable for long term storage. I would question it improving if it was ever bad, simply because flash storage is moving from single, to double, to triple to quadruple bits per cell… so if density is going up, one feels like long term (if not even shorter term) reliability would necessarily go down.

Wow, I had never heard of that before. Very interesting… Thanks…

here is the link where I first read about it i also found some info about a specification but did not find anything more about it?

I Might email Seagate as they have been very responsive.