TTG 1679 for Saturday 21 Mar 2020

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It really bugs me that Leo calls mm wave 5G “real” 5G and the others not. Low-band, mid-band and high-band 5G are all 5G.

5G is about better usage of the spectrum with lower latency.

Currently, the 5G being rolled out relies on LTE for calls and signalling (non-standalone) so the advantages are not great. When stand-alone 5G comes in, the full advantage can be unlocked and carrier aggregation can be used for more speed.

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Twitter lists were mentioned - another benefit of lists is there are no ads in the feed. Shhh don’t tell Twitter :grin:



The suggestion for #HouseParty was a great one! Some much needed fun connections in this isolating scenario, and tonight was the first family meeting of many to come while the situation resolves over time! My hubby has been a fan since the 90’s, (and honesty turned me into one, too!), and you’re such an asset to our family. Thank you & keep up the great work!


You’re very welcome @Kristin_Nicole - that looks like SO much fun!

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