TTG 1672 for Sunday 23 Feb 2020

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This is regarding the guy that had the Wise cam and light bulbs that need separate 2.4 and 5 ghz networks to setup. I have the Netgear Orbi. Set up the Wize cam, I had to go to the edge of my network coverage area. Physically walk there. As we know 2.4ghz broadcasts further than 5ghz. Then the Wize cam can be set up correctly. The Wize cam does not select the correct network automatically. A Bug they need to correct. Many people have this issue. The above is the work around I found on the net. After the Wize cam is setup then it will coexist with 5ghz.
I have the Magiclight smart bulbs and they will select the correct channel. If one has an issue, try setup a few times, it should work. I also have the Smart Life bulbs and the Wize Smart plugs. The smart plug would select/find the 2.4gHz network. But sometime I had to try a few times to set them up.
Slso with the Wize smart plugs these can use 5ghz channel. If you notice a very slow network speed reboot your router. Then the Wize smart plugs will select the 5gz network and my speed went back to normal speed.


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Oh that’s a clever workaround! Walk around!

I have heard of others using that work around as well. Crazy that this has to be the solution