TTG 1632 for Saturday 5 Oct 2019

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Leo was saying there was no Sinbad genie movie, but here it is:

Also, I have a vivid memory of Ricardo Montalban saying, “finnne CorINthian leather” in that car commercial, but a friend of mine says that’s the Mandela effect - that he actually said “soft,” not “fine.” The brain does very weird things.

As for why Sinbad says he didn’t do a genie movie, I think that’s just convenient memory loss because of the movie’s lack of quality. Unless the actor in that movie just had an incredible resemblance to Sinbad?

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The caller telling @Leo how great he looks reminded me of the song :wink:


As @Leo is talking right now about VPNs and getting access to blocked content, it happens a friend sent me a link at the same time where I needed to get a YouTube proxy so I could watch these Star Trek trailers because they’re region locked to the US it seems:

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I think the Amazon Prime ones aren’t geo-locked. I watched it this morning on YouTube

These Mandela effect memories, such as the “Shazaam” movie are caused by a glitch in the matrix.

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The iPhone can play mono audio; it’s a setting in Accessibility. Here’s an article about that:

I also believe that if you pull a single airpod out of the case, it will automatically play in mono (combining the left and right channels.) It may be mentioned in that article, but I didn’t see it in a quick scan. It does say the mono setting would come in handy if you want each airpod to be mono so you can share one of them with a friend. Normally pulling them both out would keep it in stereo mode.

@Leo Why wait for the 6 tuner from Hdhomerun? Get the 4 tuner one and use Channels app and then sign in with TV Everywhere! No cable card necessary!

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Petaluma is far enough from San Francisco that we don’t get local channels @tokyotony. I have to use a cable card for them.

@Leo Oh, that’s right. I heard you say that before. Have you tried an antenna just to see? Looks like many are within 30-40 miles. Might be worth a try? You could then use the Channels app and get local channels AND your cable channels, without a card.

Anyway, good luck with the Plex. I’d be curious how it works with DRM.

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@Leo FYI…

Hey Leo for the guy who called about using mono on headphones
I’m sure not the only one that do it but I have the zolo liberty+ that I bought off Kickstarter and if I pull the one main headphone out as one one side has the mic and works as a single piece but I pull the one out and it works like a single stereo headphone all playing on the one side and only splits the audio if I pull out the other side from chargcase

Http:// for the Internet version

Regarding the TV antennas discussion, I know that they usually rely on being line-of-sight to the transmitter. I don’t know anything about the positioning of local transmitters, but I just pulled up Petaluma in Google Maps with the Terrain overlay on, and it looks like they’re in a valley with very restricted angles. Maybe Richmond - Berkeley in the SF area are in sight, but not much else.

I’m still listening to TTG1632, and as it is the first time I am listening with access to this community, I can comment comment as I listen. So…
@Leo, thanks for giving a detailed explanation of what it means to use a chrome book. I believe there was a general belief you buy a chromebook and you had everything you needed. Now there is a realistic description of what it really is. First time I’ve ever heard it explained to such detail.

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