TRI 422: Brett Frischmann: Re-Engineering Humanity

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This looks great, can’t wait to see it! :slight_smile:


Poor Denise, so young!..Responding to her child’s question, “What did people do before calculators?”. Denise, people used “slide rules and abacus’s”


Great show, really makes you think about our relationship with technology and our own value system.

I like to think that even on this forum hitting the :heart: button is going to mean a particular thing, but this makes me re-think what sorta of deeper behavior is going on. Why not just express it in words? Is it not important enough to take that time, or am I trying to balance virtue-signaling and expediency?

(I.E. “This is great and I want to show my values by showing I publicly like it” versus “If twenty-fours hours in the day were smartphone battery life, then writing a post is already sucking up 2% of that battery power—30 minutes to think of and write something—instead of just hitting the Like button for 0.1%—10 seconds to consider and hit Like, which is 20 times more efficient.”)

I don’t really know anymore. Should I research it more by Googling things on the Internet, or should I meditate on it with some disconnected quiet time and introspection? Has prolonged computer use over years made us think choices are so binary, even this very question?

Technology and AI can tell us yes and no, but maybe the “why” is so much a part of being human.


I think the answer to that question is pretty clear by now. :dove:

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Very good episode. I’ll probably get the book, although Nicholas Carr explored a lot of these issues a decade ago in The Shallows.

I really appreciate Denise, Jason, and Mikah’s interviews. (And in hindsight, Megan’s as well.) They ask good questions and give the guest a lot of space to express their views without interrupting or turning the conversation toward themselves or their opinions.

Edit: Denise botched Brett’s little experiment turning off Location Services. I’m running the latest version of iOS, and the process he described is exactly what happens when you go into privacy settings to turn Location Services off. Also, iOS definitely does use red text to dissuade users from turning off certain options…at least the text is red on my iPhone. Not sure what people in the chatroom were talking about.