TRI 418: Ruha Benjamin: Race After Technology

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I really enjoyed this discussion. Outstanding job, Mr Sargent :fist_right:t4:


What he said…:point_up::point_up::point_up:
Really great interview, and discussion, love the topics & the interactions @mikahsargent :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Love these kinds of social/cultural topics on Triangulation…more please! :smiley:


@mikahsargent great interview.

Toward the end, if I understood you correctly, you wondered why people want to hear positive things about the companies and products they buy or companies that they like. My guess is that we, as humans, want the positive reinforcement for the choices we have made.

Examples: When Ford runs an ad bashing my Chevy, it makes me mad. When @thurrott bashes the Surface Book that I spent a lot of money on, it makes me sad. When reviews say my new iPhone is the best thing ever, I feel good. I believe the term is confirmation bias. Same as where we like to get our news content from.


Most of the time I think of my reviews as intended for prospective buyers. Ultimately every review should answer the question: should I buy this?

I guess the answer there is not to read reviews of something you’ve already bought. Of course, like everyone I read reviews after I buy and that’s when a negative review is the most annoying!