TRI 427: Jeff Brockman

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I loved learning more about Jeff! This episode is a new favorite. Thanks @JasonHowell and Jeff for a great show :grin::heart:


I’m looking forward to this when I get caught up with my backlog of podcasts over the holiday period. Sounds like it’s going to be really interesting.


I agree! It was so interesting to hear Jeff “The New Guy” talking about his musical background! I love ELP, Pink Floyd, etc. This was definitely a fun episode. Thanks Jason & Jeff!


I had an absolute blast chatting with Jeff. He’s such a vibrant person coupled with a music background that I find fascinating.


Great interview. I’ve heard a bit of Cairo in the past, but mainly knew about Jeff and his bandmates involvement in a bunch of tribute projects for the Magna Carta record label. It’s great to hear how positive / passionate he remains about his art. If I recall correctly, that record label was pretty well known for not paying their artists and other shenanigans, so it would be easy to see many people becoming highly disillusioned and bitter. Kudos to Jeff!

Also, hearing that he was involved in the EMG studio was awesome too. I’ve watched tons of those videos. Very impressive.


This was a great interview. Jeff is obviously really talented, creative, and passionate about what he does. I also discovered a cool band I wasn’t aware of. So, Win Win!


Wonderful interview of someone very talented in multiple fields with a great attitude to his life and work. Not only is he perfect for TWiT, it seems like TWiT is perfect for him. I think the last five minutes emphasises how TWiT is as much a family as a business. Jason was the perfect interviewer too.


Last Triangulation ever and it was a very good. Thanks @JasonHowell and Jeff. I’d never heard of Cairo or Jeff before this. Will definitely check it out.

Will Jeff end up in front of the camera on TWiT? Hmmmmmm.

I’ll end with my favorite drummer: