TNW 115: Where's Your Head At, Bluetooth LE?

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On the page it says: “Facebook’s Deepfakes Ban, Sono’s Google Lawsuit, Ant Pruitt at CES”

What the heck is “Sono’s” ? It should technically be Sonos’ but it’s more likely people would prefer Sonos’s ?

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The Internet is full of typographical horrors. I get a serious daily news feed that always has mangled text, missing negatives, greengrocer’s apostrophes, and entire words left out. No point singling out our friends at TWiT when there are so many far worse offenders out there. I blame touch typing for letting people type faster than they can think. :wink:

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I was just thinking that it would impact the search optimization. I didn’t notice until later that they had it right in some of the text below.

I see that all the time on the web. Whole sentences are truncated sometimes, leaving you hanging…

BTW, I posted above before having listened. Still listening now, but wanted to thank @JasonHowell and @mikahsargent for the sex positive and yet very sensible coverage about the sex products at CES.


Did you see the TWiT video coverage of this? :smiley:

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Sonos’. The extra s is an abomination. :wink:


However, an abomination with a long history - most of the examples on this map are between 300-400 years old. :wink::wink:

See how many you can count! :joy: