STT 15: Our Sonos Speaker Outlook: Bleak

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@mikahsargent saying “Hey boo boo” still set off my Google Nest Hub :grinning:

When I had Google Assistant active on my phone, my boss sitting next door in his office saying “ok, ok” on the phone was enough to activate!

I think at the peak, I had around 20 false activations a day on GA, compared to about 2 real activations a month, a 99.66% false positive rate… :disappointed:

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Yes, Google Assistant does seem a little over keen sometimes.

Reminds me of the old SNL skit for Alexa lol


Seems Sonos have shot themselves in the foot a third time, by sending out an email cc’d to 450 customers so they could all see each others’ email addresses. I wonder how much adverse news it takes to have an effect on their bottom line.

It also makes me wonder why email clients don’t already have the facility when, say, more than 2 email addresses are cc’d to pop up a warning with a count, like “Are you sure you want 450 people to be able to see each others’ email addresses?”.