Thwarted by squirrels

I don’t have an iPhone, and only use my Macbook Air to support clients, but MacBreak Weekly is a never miss just for Andy’s comments.

Leo: Go out to the Boston Commons there and look for him and the squirrels

Andy: You’re touching on the sore spot. Twice I’ve I’ve tried to go out and take my squirrel demo pictures with the iPhone 11, twice I’ve been thwarted. So I’ve got to set a whole day aside to make sure I test the rigors of the iPhone 11 and now the Pixel 4 as well.

Leo: Thwarted by whom? The Boston Police department?

Lory: The squirrels?

Andy: I feel as though I have an obligation and a duty to make sure that for people who are taking pictures of… not just squirrels but any small jittery mammals that will not listen to you when you say “will you just stop and let me take a nice picture of you for Grandma!” - I shouldn’t be sending pictures of squirrels to my mother’s mother - but still…

Leo: She likes those squirrel pictures! By the way, Lisa - who took a walk in the Commons, because she was in Boston, we were all in Boston for the Lastpass event a couple of weeks ago - said “I couldn’t believe how many squirrels there are.”

Andy: Very few natural predators and lots of people feeding them high fat foods. They mostly die of strokes and heart disease rather then predators.