The Photo Thread: Week of 2023-05-14

I went for a walk in a conservation area a half hour away. The water seems to still be high and there was more water and mud around than I would have liked. They have been managing the woods by selectively cutting trees and that has allowed for the trilliums (the Ontario provincial flower) to really make gains. I’m still processing the photos, so I will probably post a few more, but the first one that I have is a pic of the river. I didn’t intend to get the sun rays like I did (I couldn’t even see that when I was taking it) I just thought it would be a good pic of how high the water was. I didn’t realize I had caught a couple of male teens putting their clothes back on after swimming until I got home. I did run into them later on the trail and they had fishing rods, but said the fishing was no good so they had gone swimming instead. I asked them if it wasn’t kinda cold (because it wasn’t the warmest day) but you know how kids are… they don’t seem to feel the cold when they’re having fun.

This pic is straight out of the phone (Pixel 6 Pro) with just a resize for posting.

Here’s a pic of a garter snake that was sunning on the pathway (direct from phone, crop and resize.)

A pair of trilliums by a log (direct, crop, resize)


Okay, here’s a final bunch more pics

This flower is was very small (maybe 3 inches tall) and thin/narrow. It was hard to get the camera convinced to focus on it, but I think I did an alright job. I actually took this pic because I need glasses for close up focusing, so I wanted to use the phone as a “magnifying glass” to better see what the flower looked like up close. (direct from phone, crop, resize.)

I moved the camera too quickly on this shot, so I got some edge blur. I have no idea what this plant is, but I though the leaf was an interesting shape.

My mother always told me the yellow violet was the most rare of the colours (others being purple and white.)

Here’s the more common purple violet nestled aside a tree.

I’m not sure if this pic actually “works”… at the time I took it I though the shadows were interesting. I think the leaf if the foreground is a beech, but you can see shadows of maple as well.

I call this one “Bright White Birch Tree, Bright Green Leaves, Bright Blue Sky”

A pink trillium, followed by a red one.

A millipede crossing the road.

I thought this bald spot in the moss on a rock kinda looked like something from Google Earth

These last two pics, I cropped them in a specific way so that the width of the log would fill the bottom of the picture. I’m not sure which I like better, so let me know if you like one over the other, and maybe why, if you know why.


Very nice, I’ll stick my Sunday morning walk pic here as well

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Is that a shrew? Quick glance I thought it was a platypus - don’t think a native German :grin:

In German it is a Spitzmaus, but, yes, a shrew.

Saw it on the pavement, it just stood there, so took a photograph. It didn’t move, until I terrier had been sniffing it for a couple of seconds, then it scampered off into the grass. I kept the dog on a short lead, but was pleasantly surprised, that she just sniffed it and let it go.