The Photo Thread: Week of 2023-04-09

Dusting this off since there was a question about it and I happen to have some interesting content!

The local power company hired these cowboys to work on the high voltage lines in my town. The pilot would hover at about 10 feet while a worker attached a piece of equipment to the tether, then he’d zoom up to the workers sitting in the tower and dangle it while they installed it. Then they’d hook themselves up to the tether and get ferried over to the next tower! Helicopters are cool.



Let’s see if it works.

Way back, like 17 years ago I was filming an event - ‘The Art of Ferrari’ and the dinner was held at The National Warplanes Museum in Elmira.

There were several planes and cars parked out on the runway when this gentleman came and introduced himself as President of the museum and asked if I was interested in doing some photography for the museum.

About 2 weeks later I found myself strapped in a 60 year old PT19 over the end of the Finger Lakes and Watkins Glen racetrack, chasing a PT17.

This image made the NYS travel guide that year.

Side note, one of the cars at the event was Nick Masons 1958 GTB


ahh this is turning into an aviation week! so cool, what were you shooting with in the plane? and how tight was the strap haha

Canon 40D with a Tamron Di 28-75, I believe this was about 70mm I had 2 camera bags in the cockpit with me, one velcro strapped to each leg. I was held in with webbing shoulder straps


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