The Photo Thread: Week of 2022-05-29

On Saturday, we went to a lovely little art museum, Villa von Stuck, and they had a “retired factory worker” do art in the yard. Lovely. He used to work in a marmalade-glass-lid-factory. What a life.

(heavily compressed due to forum limitations)

During the video, I switched from the wide angle to the standard to the telephoto lense. Works like a charm - if you hold the phone steady, that is.

That’s what it looked like (and how the ancient sculptures in the back looked at it, disapprovingly - they were the ones being painted)


Misty start to the day


Walk along the side I’d the cornfields earlier this week.


Garden today, iPhone 13 Pro


Not the usual type of pics, but been going through some of the footage on the cameras I have in the garden. Hedgehogs are now endangered here in the UK as their habitat is being destroyed, so people are encouraged to leave a bit of their garden to go wild and put food out. Fascinates me what animals I get.

A fox visits most nights to see if there is any food going. They normally won’t take a hedgehog, but push them out of the way to get to the food - so I’ve had to separate them.

Sparrowhawks hunt the small birds. This one was right in front of the camera. Brutal but impressive.

New improved way to feed the Hedgehogs. Working well. Almost too popular, as you get 2 or 3 at a time sometimes and they are solitary animals so grumble a bit.

One for Mr. Ihnatko.

Grey Herons are always after my fish. If I’m feeling generous I let them have one then move them on if I can.


A photo from today’s evening walk


Wife & I took a trip to St. Louis last weekend these where my favorite two pics we took.


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