The Photo Thread: Week of 2022-05-08

I wouldn’t normally post or link to someone else’s picture in these weekly photo threads, but this one is just too amazing to not share!

EDIT: (And now I see why it’s a pain to do such linking… cause I can’t actually get the photo to show inline because Twitter wants all the clicks grumble)


A Kingfisher like that visits my pond now and again.

He has some amazing pics on Flickr. Always interesting to look at the exif data, get an idea of settings etc.

A Perfect Photo of a Kingfisher, 720K Pictures in the Making | WIRED

Kingfishers | Flickr

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Iris in the mist


Few of my favorite shots from the Miami GP over the weekend

Campus overview from observation deck in the stadium:

Redbull giving the Merc pitwall headaches:

Lewis visited our suite after qualifying on Saturday, very cool dude:

Hard to capture the Aston going 175mph down the start/finish straight:

Redbull crew cheering on Max as he crosses the finish line in P1:


I love me some coffee and I have gotten better at making something I like. Today I noticed a nice gradient, but I found it difficult to use my Pixel 6 Pro to get the focus the way I would have wanted it. (It can “see” the transparent glass, and focuses there, but I’d rather try and focus on the liquid inside the cup if that were possible.) I guess I sort of also make an “appearance” along with some of my Christmas cacti (and some of the usual clutter :wink: )


I’m a bit of a coffee nut. :coffee: Here’s my setup.


I went the easier, but more expensive route and got an Breville Oracle Touch which means it grinds and tamps and I move it from the grinder dispenser to the group head. It does a really nice job on the milk, and I prefer lots of milk but served as a flat white. (Although it varies how thin the “head” of foam is.) I didn’t want a new hobby, so I avoid a lot of the cool tech I have learned about from “James the coffee guy” but here’s his video on my machine:

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This is a commercial setup I have and I don’t mind the hobby work. I use about 17.5 grams of beans, and look for about 36 - 40 grams of output. I make small adjustments with grind, depending on what coffee beans I use. I don’t use milk so the coffee prep is everything for me. It’s also plumbed in to my water supply, which has ended up being a life-changing experience. :grin: