The Photo Thread: Week of 2021-08-01

Happy new week! …and now, for some Valheim vibes.





Playing around with light.
I wanted to create something with high contrast and texture


I love harvest. S20 FE, out on a bike ride yesterday. Quite impressed, it was windy so everything was moving. I tapped on the thistle to lock focus and it tracked it as it swayed from side to side :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a very nice photo. I did want to put out that it appears you named it “Thistle and corn” but that is not corn in the background, that appears to be wheat. Corn stalks are usually much taller, and green.

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Well spotted. Funny, we tend to say cornfields as a generic term, when it’s actually barley, wheat or oats. Not much corn about here.


Hey, everyone! I am getting ready to fly back from beautiful Oregon and snapped some shots while I was here.


I need to try a self portrait. Yours are always really good.

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Are these shot with film?

Shot at the San Antonio Natural Bridge Wildlife Safari.


I suck at this, but a real Photoshop pro could probably do a great job, anyway, here’s my attempt at rotating the giraffes.


Nope. Specifically, they were shot on the Fuji X100V and processed in Lightroom.

Funny thing about that pic is I knew it needed to rotate and Lightroom didn’t rotate in a way I liked. I never even looked at PS SMH. Lol

Thank you, kindly. I currently have no one else to take photos of me. Lol :fist_right:t5:

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I found the original angle of the giraffe image interesting and different because it looked like you tried to get the giraffes heads level, no matter the consequences of having the image at an angle. Read into it a statement like “normally we’re looking at the animals - let’s, for a second, just try and get closer to their perspective”. But that’s what looking at art does to you: search for (and sometimes create) meaning in design choices. Here’s to the quirky and interesting ones! :slight_smile:

(However, the rotation back by @PHolder looks pretty impressive, too. Did only realise how much was filled in after thinking more about it.)


Blue Hour by Dee Bantz, on Flickr


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You’re right I was trying to get a unique shot but I was also at a weird angle due to us being unable to get out of the car. Also the the giraffe enclosures were so tall that the crossbars were in my line of sight which made me have to pass them and then shoot the pic from front driver side through the rear passenger window.

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I went to an art exhibit last weekend and found this collection of photos by one of the leading figures of the Blue Rider art movement around 1905 (Der Blaue Reiter - Wikipedia), Gabriele Münter. The middle photography reminded me of your giraffe shot.

Now, there will be countless photos oriented at a 45 degree angle from any time period so I am not saying: “look at the coincidence”.

But I am saying: “great choice to try out something new and to share that”! :slight_smile: Always boggles my mind how trying something unique might catch the attention of someone half way around the world who’ll make a link to an artist of a century ago. Thanks to the web, association chains really boggle the mind today.