The Photo Thread - Week of 2020-11-01

Nice idea! Thank you.

Night mode with the S20+

Edit: This was taken up through the trees, that is the dark and green you can see across the middle of the picutre, with some stars visible.

Edit: This just has a couple of tree tops around the edge of the photo. These were taken on the main road, a street away from where I live. I managed to get 30 seconds or so, where there was no traffic.


I’ve created a thread for the new week over here:

I love over saturated colors. Maybe because I have spent most of my life wearing very polarized glasses when I am out in the sun :slight_smile:

One for you Captain. I get what @big_D is getting at though. You can end up with a ‘style’ if you repeat the same workflow and use the same methods to process a pic. Especially with AI edits like Luminar offers. Good to mix it up a bit.


Yes, and that might explain why my photo editing has a particular style. My mother was a painter with a very definite style.

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The best part of life for me is getting to experience what people from other places live like. I haven’t travelled in a while but this makes me wish I could see this with my own eyes. Beautiful!