The Helm email service (former TWiT advertiser) shutting down

It’s sad news for subscribers of The Helm email server and service.

More details at

The Helm was always a bit of a push because it means people accepting that email is not really free, but this is a different kind of problem. I feel bad for them. It’s hard to build a small business into a great one when you can’t source the hardware you need to acquire and supply customers.

Yeah, a caller brought this up on TTG this week.
While I did not purchase their product, I definitely was a “back seat” supporter of what they were trying to do.
Even shutting down, they are still trying to do best by their customers. It seems they are doing everything possible to help customers migrate off of their service, plus working on a solution so the hardware isn’t bricked.

Since they shut down their community forums, is anyone aware of any other online resource for those of us dumb enough to purchase one?

They left a link to the GitHub link for the armbian build so you could install Linux on the hardware.

Has anyone tried the install? Did it work? Is it worth the effort?