TWIG 698: Hands Off My Pound Cake!

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Watching the ‘tic tok video’ segment…I’m with you @ant_pruitt!


I’m torn between 1) supporting human audiobook narrators and 2) the absolute necessity, for accessibility reasons, of more audiobooks. Like someone pointed out, there are countless books that will never exist in an audio format without AI, due to expense, obscurity, etc.

The expense of human-narrated audiobooks also means audiobooks are almost exclusively obtainable by the middle class and up. If you’re vision-impaired and poor, you’re stuck with whatever your local library has and amateur narrations of out-of-copyright books from the 19th century.

re: boolean operators on Google:
Do I remember using them? Do I remember? :laughing: I still use them every day. Only problem is, Google no longer heeds them in some cases. Which cases? I don’t know and I’d like to. Just seems like sometimes Google decides its algorithms know what I want to see better than I do (they don’t), and it disregards quotation marks, minuses, and/or pluses.

How about someone who carries weight in the domain agrees (or is legislated) that a good portion of the sales of old books being newly narrated by AI are directed to paying humans to narrate new audio books as they release?


That sounds like a good idea.

When I was in the UK, you could borrow audio books from the public library, it is the same here in Germany and those are usually current releases as well as older books - sometimes you have to order them, as they are spread around a region and they only have a few copies available; whether that is CD or electronic to download.

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Same in Australia. Can get audiobooks with Libby. Choice isn’t fantastic, but that might just be my state’s library. Some good ones there there though.


Yeah those were bad. Thx for watching