Smartwatch Question?

Does anyone remember what Smartwatch Matteo Doni likes? All I remember is it has great battery life.

Is there a :goat: watch??? Or at least a compatible app? I’m sure someone has made a watch face!

I don’t remember specifically, but I’d guess it’s something Chinese like the Amazfit Bip on the cheap end or a nicer Huawei or Xiaomi one. I had the Bip when it was on sale for like $50. It was fine for basic things and definitely had a long battery, but ended up switching to a Fossil Sport (around $100 on sale) because I missed the WearOS. I doubt anyone has ever said that before, but it’s the best we have for now.

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Was it the Amazfit GTR? Something like that.

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I have a Fossil Spot and like it, wish the battery life was better, oh well. I DM Matteo in Twitter and his watch is a Huawei Watch GT 2. Not Wear OS, not sure if that is good or bad!? Amazon sells it for $280, not a bad price I guess.

I just got the Fossil Sport for Christmas. It replaces my nearly 4yr old Asus Zenwatch (version 1). Other than the heart rate monitor and battery life being better on the Fossil I really don’t see much of a difference between the two watches functionality-wise. Still I’m happy to have this new watch.

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It’s the Huawei GT2 you are thinking of with the super long battery life.

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I don’t remember that one, but I love my Pebble Time Steel! It is still working great, long battery life, always on screen.


Looking at some reviews, I would say it’s more of a fitness tracker with notifications.

I personally have an Apple Watch and love it, but it’s not cheap, needs an iPhone and battery life is two days at best.

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I know the Apple watch is great and probably the best smartwatch out there, but I am a die hard Android fan. I work on Apple products in my day job as a Desktop Support person and could never own one. They are just not for me.

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Correct. It is a great smart tracker. What I really like is the 2 - 4 weeks between recharging.