Afib detection on watches

My Samsung Watch4 was saying it detected afib this morning. I’d been feeling pretty rough for a few weeks, so this prompted me to phone the doc. Just been to see him - further tests now to look into it properly.

I asked how they felt about devices and people self-diagnosing, and he was very positive. Took a copy of the Samsung ECGs, and said there’s a real benefit to detecting this stuff early. So :-1:t2: I’m not 100% fit but :+1:t2: the tech made me aware of something I would have otherwise ignored.


Interesting, thanks for sharing.

Hopefully the watch was wrong!

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From the running commentary the doc gave of his examination (‘yup, there’s an extra beat’) and the bunch of afib leaflets he gave to me to read up on when I left, I suspect the watch is right. But better to know I reckon.

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Do all smart watch brands do this now, or is it an exclusive to Samsung?

Many now have models with ECG and afib detection. Apple, Garmin, Withings, Fitbit. The Samsung clearly states it’s not for diagnosis, speak to the doctor.

I am only wondering as I am begrudgingly an Android user, but had a series of heart attacks several years ago, thought it was indigestion, Liz sent me to the docs, they sent me to blood tests and 12 hours later I get call asking where I was and that I was in imminent danger of death, they were sending an ambulance. I now take enough tablets a day to make me rattle, but sometimes have those days where I feel off and it would be nice to know if something was happening. Will look into it, thanks

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Note that Samsung watches need a Samsung phone for the blood pressure and ECG functionality to work. Those features are reliant on an app that is only available in their store.

Also watches sometimes have different features in different regions. Due to approvals, I think.

I quite like hybrid watches like Withings. Cheaper, less complicated, don’t have to charge every day.

Hybrid Smartwatch with ECG, Heart Rate & Oximeter - ScanWatch | Withings

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Thanks, will do some research have a great weekend

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Continuous IHRN being added later this year too, will be useful. At the moment you have to manually do an ECG if you feel rough. Will be neat to monitor through the day/night, during exercise etc. I think only Apple and Fitbit do this at the moment.

Samsung Announces FDA-Cleared Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification for Galaxy Watch – Samsung Global Newsroom