Suggestion for shows: Medical Tech Today

With population aging, I think there would be a lot of interest in medical technology and how technology is helping people with disabilities live as “normal” of life as possible.

Just a thought.



I would like to see a show that explains Tech to a Non-Tech. Something like Mr. Wizard. (If you are old enough to know who that is)

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I know who he was, loved him!

I like this idea but i think added like Fitness tracking and other Health realated tech for maintaing health to make it more applicable to a younger audience along with the older ones. This is just an addition not in place of what you said. Like this weak in health tech.

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It can be called “Ok, Boomer.”



Okay, this week in Health Tech sounds even better. Any chance, @Leo

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How long has that been a thing? Where did it come from? In the last week or so I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE.

they talk about the origan on TWIT this week apparently its complicated.