TTG 1903 for Saturday 18 June 2022

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Hearing aids have become wearables.

Got my dad some Starkeys that have an ANC mode for loud environments, plus lots of wellness stats I can bring up on my phone to see if he’s using them, how much engagement he’s getting (i.e. talking or listening to music/TV), step counts, brisk exercise, how often he stands. Has fall detection and call for help too.

All pretty impressive.

Sounds like it’s time to upgrade my Rezounds!

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They have some new ones out now, Evolv AI. He has Livio Edge AI.

Dad has similar complaints to you. He’s a musician, why can’t they have a more ‘full range’ mode with your curve applied when you listen to music?

His Livios have an Edge mode, I think that’s an ANC mode for busy restaurants etc. These new Evolve ones are continuously adjusting. Maybe they now have different automatic modes for conversation, music, TV and so on.