Suggestion for caller who can't get back into Yahoo email

Hi everyone I’m new here. I want to post this message in the Tech Guy chat room but I don’t know how to get there. I don’t think it’s here but maybe someone can help me.

A man called Leo on the tech guy radio show today (Sun., 6/26). Yahoo had blocked his email access and required a phone # he hadn’t used in 25 years to get back in. I suggest the man call his oldest friends to see if they still have the phone # in their old handwritten address/telephone books. Everybody used them before the internet was invented. Most people have probably thrown them out by now, but maybe someone still has one. I still have mine. I know the possibility of this working is remote, but maybe, just maybe, it would help.

Can someone please help me get this message to Leo? If he thinks it’s a good idea, maybe he would want to mention it on the show next week.

Thanks, all. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


The issue is not that they require the phone number itself, that would be easy. It’s that he put that phone number as his verification phone number, and Yahoo wants him to prove he can still be reached at that phone number, which he no longer has. Most likely they want him to call using that number and enter a code, or else be called or text messaged at that phone number to receive a code to provide to them during login.

You don’t really post in the chat room… it’s ephemeral, if the one you want to reach (say @Leo) is not watching when you submit your text, it will be gone for ever. This forum is the right place for messages that are not real time. If you still want to try the chat room, you need to get an IRC client and set it up to connect to the IRC server at . Optionally, if you become a member of Club TWiT you can use an advanced form of IRC known as Discord and there the messages you send do hang around for a period of time.

I remember someone finding my dad by seeing my real name on Facebook. Finding that after 25 years is I wound act like it’s gone forever. That Facebook thing I give was do an old army buddy of my dad wanting to get in contact him.

Hi! now directs to the show’s page on, which has a link to here to discuss the episode. So I put any comments or tips here (usually under the episode when it’s posted.)

Not convinced a caller would get here, create an account and look for comments though.