STT 7: Make Your Smart Home Work for You

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Hey, loved the show! I’m thinking about giving a shot at getting a Raspberry Pi to install Homebridge on it (first Raspberry Pi I would have gotten), but all the videos I am finding on how to do this show it being done on a Mac. Can you do it in Window 10? If so, would it be basically the same steps? Thanks for any help or suggestions. (Also: suggestions on which raspberry pi to get? Is the zero really good enough?)

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It’s the bonus content that gets me. Grape jelly and Lego bricks? ACTING!! :joy::upside_down_face::rofl:

Oh, and Garage Door Anxiety. I’m so glad that I have to open and close mine by hand, like an animal. :wink:

You can install Home Assistant on a RPi and use the HomeKit integration to achieve the same thing (if not better)

This show, of all shows, needs video! It’s hard to catch live on a Monday night. And as Mikah noted, it’d be nice to see some devices and gadgets . (hue lights, smart speakers & smart coffee makers et aux :^) )