STT 6: Smart Tech: It's for Everyone

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See, it should be called Smart Tech…lose the “Today.” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Honestly, this isn’t the show that I thought it was going to be. It shouldn’t be branded as Smart Tech/IoT, as a good portion of the show isn’t about anything that I would consider “smart” when it comes to IoT. You talked about running homebridge on a server or HOOBS, which is ok… you can have a server running ALL of your IoT devices on Home Assistant (with over 1400 integrations) including Homekit, Smartthings, Alexa, and Google to name a few of the big ones.

The future of the smart home isn’t talking to it, it’s teaching your home to know where you are and do things without asking. Everything you talked about as far as lights and grouping and local control you can already do via Home Assistant.

Everytime I listen (5 episodes now) I end up screaming at my phone “You can already do that in Home Assistant!”

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I’ll get back to teaching my house to only heat the room I’m in… Yes you can do that. Today.

I think “Everything is awesome, and we don’t appreciate it” is going to be my new catch phrase.


“Is the Disney thing a vault?” is my current favourite, although “an extended conceit” runs it close. :rofl:

And I loved the accents!

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Keep it up guys, Hue app cant flash lights i was trying yesterday as I want to go a homekit alarm if my motion sensors trigger when we are not home. I want the lights to flash red or red/blue (cop car style) and then stream an alarm noise on homepod to MAX.

I wish we could get flashing lights (without IFTTT)


Now i have finished listening, I’m all of a flutter as you read out my tweet which was great. Also impressed you pronounced my surname right.


I’m big on Home Assistant as well (am a core developer for the frontend), but Home Assistant is still not at the point where it approachable to everyone. As I’m sure you heard on the State of the Union, we’re working on making it simpler, but it is not there yet. There will always be market for dumbed down, more consumer-friendly, smart home solutions. No need to get worked up about it :slight_smile:

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The thing is, if you’re having a discussion about IoT, and you claim to be a show about “Smart Tech”, I think it’s an incomplete one without Home Assistant. My biggest aggravation is that, like I said, pretty much everything that Micah has complained about wanting in a Smart Home is something that HA already does. And honestly @iantrich, if I can navigate HA, ANYONE CAN. lol.
I’m literally plugging away (more like pounding my head against a MQTT brick wall) trying to solidify my RF devices in solid way that works in HA. I know how difficult it can get for the average user who doesn’t have a background in programming.
I get what Paulus said about the 1.0 version not being quite ready, BUT this show isn’t billed as “Smart Tech for Not So Smart People”. Paulus Schoutsen and Pascal Vizeli have done amazing things, I just don’t see a lot of the “tech press” take notice because it’s not a from Apple or Google and it’s not a $1k or above device.

From this episode in particular, a good chunk of it was taken up by discussion of Disney+ and that has absolutely NOTHING to do with IoT or “Smart Tech”.

I haven’t gotten too worked up about it, I just unsubscribed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still love you though, #iostoday