STT 16: Smart Tech at the Super Bowl

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@matthewcassinelli - You asked in this episode if anyone had HomeBridge setup, and I’ve been running for maybe 5 years? It’s great. Whenever I have my friends comment on Apple being “a closed ecosystem” I think about the fact I have an opensouce hub running on linux that can connect any smart home device into HomeKit. I have even written plugins for it.

I’ve been slowly pushing my way towards getting everything HomeKit, but for some devices awesome.

I have two older SamsungTVs, and I have HomeBridge for those. That way I can include turning off the TV in my “Goodnight” scene.

I have two older Belkin WeMo switches. Supported through HomeBridge so I don’t need to buy an additional hub for it.

My older NetAtMo weather station has been running through HomeBridge forever.

I have old ConnectedByTCP bulbs. I wrote the plugin for this myself, it’s pretty simple JavaScript. The cloud service died years ago and the iOS app even stopped getting updates and working, but since there is a Hub device that controls the lights that operates on its own - I can make simple RESTful calls to the hub to control it. So these lights, rather than becoming dumb, continue to work equal well to my native HomeKit hue lights.

Without a doubt, the craziest thing I have done. I used the HomeBridge “cmdSwitch2” plugin to create a virtual read-only Switch in HomeKit. To “get the state” of this switch, it executes an SSH command to run a script on my work computer which checks if I am in a Web Meeting (Hangout, WebEx, Joinme, etc). If I’m in a meeting the switch is “on” otherwise “off”. Why you ask? Because I then have a Home Automation running throughout the work day that says, “If the ‘Web Meeting’ switch is one, turn on another HomeKit switch, otherwise turn it off.” THAT other HomeKit switch controls an “On Air” light. So, I work from home, when I’m on a web meeting my “On Air” light turns on and my family knows not to come into the office.

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My main Home Automation server is running Homebridge putting around 6 dozen (I loose count) Insteon and Z-wave devices on Homekit; without extra strain on WiFi.
I’ve seen a Z-wave hat for RaspPi, if you drive an Insteon PLM you could possibly do the same with HOOBS.