Spotify is at it again and giving away free Home Minis

It looks like it’s a US-only offer, but some of you may be interested -

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Note: this is NOT for those of us that get the student discount :frowning:

Amazon has been selling 3rd gen Echo Dots for $1 with Amazon Music Unlimited too…

Really?!? Do you have a link that you could share?

I’d definitely like to get in on that. :smirk:

Detailed on this article. I tried it, it seems to work, but I’m not in the US so they won’t ship to me and Amazon Australia doesn’t have the offer.

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thanks for posting this. I have the family premium plan anyway for all the moochers in my house :smiley: so I grabbed a free google home!

@odsamuels Thanks for posting this. I joined the que for one. I don’t mind that Google is trying to get rid of the old stock, it will work nonetheless.

I got an email and ordered it yesterday. I was expecting there to be shipping costs. No costs at all, I very pleased. I’ve also only been a Spotify subscriber for about 3 months.