SN 941: We told you so!

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Steve forgot about Webkit as the third browser standard.

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Yes, I had the same thought, when I was listening to the show.

Ideally, the browser should be a standalone product. It shouldn’t be part of the operating system (Safari and Edge) or tied to an advertising company (Chrome/Chromium). I think the latter is the most egregious of the two constellations, but Microsoft with IE and later Edge isn’t far behind.

Chromium should be like Firefox, a pure open source project for the development of a compliant web browser. But Google still pulls the strings and controls what goes into Chromium and what doesn’t. That makes it very difficult to get features that are good for the user and the web in general, but would mean clamping down on the data gouging that Google and other tracking companies is next to impossible - just look at the fight with the new Manifest changes for add-ins that make it more and more difficult for adblockers and anti-tracking add-ins to work in any meaningful way.