SN 926: Windows Platform Binary Table

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I’ve always been a bit surprised by how vehemently Steve seems to defend outdated, insecure software. The mantra always seems to be; patch patch patch, have the latest supported versions… yet in weeks past he’s slamming Microsoft for halting support for grossly outdated exchange servers… this week he seems to be defending SMB 1 which apparently goes back to DOS! Microsoft already has a TON of legacy support, this is one of the reasons why they have so many “Microsoft moments” I feel is because they’re supporting features from ages ago.

M$ seems to always get a TON of pushback anytime they depreciate something, meanwhile Apple does this ALLLL the time and it’s just another day.

I get Steve’s old fashioned, I mean his website looks like it’s never been changed since the first days of the internet, but I just don’t understand the infosec guy defending outdated software and protocols.

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The SMB signing is only for Windows 11 Entrerprise, not Home and Pro.

Also, the Kaspersky finding iOS Malware, I read on Forbes that they have only seen it on devices running iOS up to version 15.7. current phones are generally on 16.5 or thereabouts.

Interesting that Steve and Leo belittle the China gathering of personal data provided by TikTok, but also are so against Google or anyone else doing so with Windows, Android or other software

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I’ll tell you why @philbar - who’s a bigger threat to you right now? China or US-based data brokers?

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China could be the more dangerous or damaging by far

I’m curious. What exactly could china do with my location, sites I visit, photos, etc.

Because if you’re worried about that you should know they don’t need TikTok to get that - it’s for sale on the open market from US based data brokers right now.

But why would they bother?

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I understand, but you honestly think they are not a threat in so many other ways?

Well that’s a completely different question. And a very complicated one indeed.

Is China a threat to the US mainland? No.

US interests abroad, probably.

Taiwan, definitely.

But banning TikTok has nothing to do with any of that. It’s basically stomping your feet.

I don’t support banning TikTok. You really don’t think China is not a threat to US mainland?! Oh well, this discussion is not productive any more I guess