SN 767: WiFi 6

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Just a quick note about the number of updates on Windows. It isn’t just Windows. My Linux workstation gets a couple of hundred updates a week (openSUSE Tumbleweed) and the Mint laptop also gets dozens of updates every month - and they are all individual packages, not a single roll-up update.

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Better show title would have been “Steve says stop F’ing with Windows”


A quick point to the history of Wi-Fi. In Europe, the 5Ghz band wasn’t released for public use when Wi-Fi first turned up. That is one of the reasons 802.11b came along so quickly, 11a was available in the USA and a few other regions, but in much of Europe it meant having an operators license (i.e. HAM radio license) and a permit for the device, which was, of course, unrealistic.

In Europe, the set-up of wi-fi cards and routers asked for the region and if you said Europe, 11a was not available as an option.

It was only with the advent of 802.11g that 5Ghz was finally declassified and available for public use.

I believe, but my memory is a little foggy, that at the time, 5Ghz was either a military band or was used by emergency services.

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Better show title would have been “Steve says stop F’ing with Windows”

I haven’t listened to 767 yet, but it seems to me that Leo has been a louder proponent of ditching. Steve presents the reasons to ditch Microsoft (e.g. X update broken, Y security vulnerability, Z feature no-one-asked-for) while allowing the listener to reach their own conclusion. Leo outright exclaims “ditch Windows, get Linux!”

Leo has often commented during Steve’s stories, that’s why I’ve taken Windows off all my machines however from other comments, that seems to maybe be exaggerated.

Steve’s comments on healthy together were a bit strange. Paraphrasing " it’s OK for them to collect my data as I don’t have anything to hide".

Same rationale could be (and often is) used to other electronic surveillance, and limiting the use of cryptography. Why not give Barr what he wants as we don’t have anything to hide?

Not good, IMHO.

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Yes. On Windows weekly he talks up windows, and his Acer or ThinkPad laptops, on SN and a couple of other shows, he says he is all in on Linux and then, on Sunday, he said that his main home PC is an iMac Pro with 2 cinema screens attached.

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After listening to the discussion about the security of windows on this show and other shows. I can not understand why anyone would use windows for a computer operating system.
I use Mac OS and I know it is not perfect. I listen to windows weekly to keep up but the more I listen the more I am convinced how bad windows os is.

I think many of the pain points of Windows happens to a minority of users. I would certainly be gun-ho on ditching Windows if it wiped my user directory. But it hasn’t happened to me. It’s the fallacy of “it won’t happen to me” that I don’t feel threatened by using Windows, combined with the weight of inertia. At the end of the day I want my PC to just work, and it would be a significant effort for me to ditch Windows for Linux. MacOS is out of the question for me because I like building my PC - I like customization. I like the ability to slowly upgrade components of my PC, and I like doing so on a budget. Additionally - I enjoy a video game or two. That’s difficult on Linux.

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