SN 835: TPM v1.2 vs 2.0

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Very nice analysis on windows 11. Clearly Microsoft has joined Apple in knowing what we need on our behalf.

Nice to have a simple answer about the TPM 2.0 requirement.
MS is pandering to large business deployments with a checkbox item that CTOs will say they need for future desktops.

Instead of making us buying new computers, I guess what MS wants is to stop having to support old systems (which may have the same effect, but the motivations are different)

That’s the whole deal with Apple too, they support devices for some time, but when the time comes, they simply forget that old models exist and never look back.

But one of the great things Microsoft always did is to support all the crazy configurations PC users have, mixing the new with the old, the Dell certified with unknown-brand junk. And with that comes a big cost, which is to keep everything working. I think they just want to draw a line in the sand.

right. we have a few more years with win10 but by then maybe the line they draw won’t seem so bad. unless they actually find something to put into win11 that would make the masses angry that they are stuck with win10, but I don’t see that happening.

but the term “Arrogance” keeps coming to my mind when I hear these stories. I’ve already embraced RHEL and docker/docker-compose for some of my server type software and maybe this will push me more toward linux for my desktop.

I’ve given up on Windows and installed Linux on my main desktop at home. So far, so good.

I was primarily a Linux user from 2002 through 2007, when I switched from Windows 2000 to SUSE. Then I switched from SUSE to an iMac 24", then back to Windows with Windows 7. Now I’m going around again.

My current desktop is a Ryzen 7 1700, so no Windows 11, but with 3 SSDs and 32GB RAM, it is more than enough for the next few years. But due to the introduction of an eco-tax on electricity this year, pushing the KWh price up to over 30c, I’m seriously looking at getting a mac Mini next time around. Just waiting to see what Apple offer with the new chipsets. I’m not falling into the trap of buying a 1st generation processor, like I did with the switch to Intel, they dropped it like a hot potato after only a couple of years.