SN 862: QWACs on? or QWACs off?

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Hi Steve & Leo,

I have been using Windows since 98SE & I have never been compromised with Malware ,Viruses etc.

I’m really not all that concerned about it as I also always Image my Drive on a External Drive which is disconnected from my Computer When not in use.

Got some great tips on Software from your show, so I at least then know it is safe to use.

My Patch Level for Android 11 is Feb. 1/22

I have used Cell phones for a long time starting with
the Blackberry Curve & have not had any Security Problems even when using older android Version like Android 8.

I have a Data Block on my Phone, I use Wi Fi only.
the phone I have is almost pure android, it does not have all the crap that Samsung phones give you. I only get Apps From Verified by Play Protect.

I have no personal info on my Cell Phone, including Credit cards. I have disabled Chrome (I use Firefox)
& Gmail. I use Signal which gives me a Free Unlimited Everything Plan. :rofl:

So based on what I have told you am I still very vulnerable?

The other problem you mentioned on Windows happens if you get tricked into going to a certain web site. & then there is the UEFI problem You mentioned.

Windows has Multiple levels of Security built in. I have Dep turned on for all Programs & Services, I have User Access Control Slider at the top. I use Firefox With No Script & AdBlock Origin.

I have TPM 2.0.

I use a Firewall that Blocks everything by default & has the following added Protections… Prevent Modifications to the Hosts File. 2. Enable Blocklists- Port-Based Malware Blocklist, Domain-Based Malware and Ad Blocklist. The Installer for this Firewall is 1.46mb. & Windows Firewall does not have to be Disabled.
Looks like he writes software like you Steve nice & small.

You probably will never have time for this, but it would be great if you could talk about the best way to set up a computer for optimal protection ( Like for example what you & Leo do).

What about this?

Core Isolation2022-03-17 072732

Windows Security2022-03-18 142851

:+1: :sunglasses: :+1: Thank You Steve for all the great free software etc. that you have given us over the years… I still use Wizmo on all my Computers.

I almost forgot to tell you I Managed to Uninstall the Bloatware that is Edge Chromium On Windows 10 & 11 If you go to Programs & Features & click on Edge C You will not believe what comes up ( It Blocks you from Uninstall) but I used a different technique.

I will be going Into the Guinness World Record Book for being the first to have no Microsoft Browser installed on Windows. :laughing:

Just a little update to my previous post.

So glad I got rid of Edge, take a look at this…

There is also another layer of Security I did not mention & that
is your Router. I have a high end good quality Router & after all these
years I am still getting Firmware Updates for it.

I just finished installing the latest Firmware & I am very impressed with what they have done. Here is the Changelog…

  1. Fixed OpenSSL CVE-2022-0778
  2. Added more security measures to block malware.
  3. Fixed Stored XSS vulnerability. Thanks to Milan Kyselica of IstroSec.
  4. Fixed CVE-2022-23970, CVE-2022-23971, CVE-2022-23972, CVE-2022-23973, CVE-2022-CVE-2022-25595, CVE-2022-25596, CVE-2022-25596,
  5. Added 3rd party DNS server list in WAN → DNS to help users enhance the connection security.

Steve Gibson had mentioned he has the same router.

Instead of what I said in my first Post, how about a Security Now Podcast
about the built in Security of Windows,Routers,Firewalls & how effective they are against everything you talk about on SN.

We have been using BETA software from Microsoft since day one, & it is ongoing. All you have to do is look at the Second Tuesday of the Month Windows Updates & it becomes very clear.

This was a patch through Google for Chrome, which filtered down to Edge, along with Brave, Opera, Vivaldi etc.