SN 742: Pushing "DoH"

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Must admit, the subject of DoH has me intrigued. Found yet another interesting help-page from Mike Tabor

Handy links:
What’s My DNS Server

After implementing on macOS Catalina running Firefox:

Steve talks so much about Google Chrome. But I won’t use this browser as it has a lot of spyware.

Recently I opened a site on Chrome because with FFox No tracking and ad blocking the site would not work in FFox. After leaving the site I closed Chrome and noticed that there were 3 instances of an app - software_reporter_tool.exe
running. On checking I found that this was running from here:
C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter\77.223.200
Google search showed that this was “supposed” to be a tool that checked what else I was running in case it clashed with Chrome!!
But others said that it was sending this info on apps running back to Google. The only way to disable this is to remove ALL permissions from the folder so it cannot run or be updated.
Bad enough we have MS and NVidia using Telemetry to phone home now we also have Chrome. I hope the new Edge does NOT have this or out it goes.
I’m gonna stick to Firefox esp. as its easy to set DOH!!

Yes, this SwReporter tool was sucking down a lot of CPU cycles, so I did the change permission thing at one point. I see on this site (which I am not vouching for, although it seems reasonable) that it might be possible to disable it with a registry tweak (and they even include a sample registry file to do it), so I might give that a try myself.

Why trying going through any of this trouble if privacy is a concern? Chrome has had all this going on in the browser for years and years its nothing new. Messing with the registry isn’t always wise, trying to disable one process of Chrome wont help, its still has several tracking/snooping aspects going on when your using it. The best and easiest way to solve any of these issues with Chrome is to uninstall it period. You have other choices in browsers for privacy, FireFox and Brave.


I don’t use Chrome as my primary browser, I have Firefox configured in a configuration that works well for me for 95% of all sites. Occasionally there is an issue, and I pop into Chrome to see if the issue is related to Firefox. Brave is not and never will be an option in my household, Mr. Brendan Eich will rot in hell before a single bit of anything associated with him works its way into my life.

Oh oh. He invented javascript so it is already there in your life.

Yeah, I run with scripting disabled for most sites for security. As a programmer JS is a gross abomination and I really do wish I could avoid it 100%.

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