SN 781: SpiKey (missing?)

I got the podcast this morning, but the autopost for the topic hasn’t turned up…

Anyway, the bit about RDP and the only security is a strong password is not quite true. A terminal server will use the AD and group policies, so you can enforce the use of a smartcard, for example, as second factor. We used to use that at a previous employer. All employees worked on the terminal server and had a thin client or PC with smart card reader and a smart card. Without the card, they couldn’t log onto their RDP session.

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It eventually showed up, it seems:

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Is Steve aware that Remote Utilities is Russian with its Headquarters are in Moscow from what I can see.

Their website is very quiet about who and where they are. I can understand why as propaganda does effect sales. These are the only details I came across on their site making them look like they are in the US.

Other sites display the actual company location in the Russian Federation, e.g.

This may or may not be an issue for some. It’s fine for me as all governments are unfortunately spying on us and I am of a lot less interest to Russia than my own government. We will have to wait and see if Steve’s IP starts posting Pro Trump Facebook posts! :laughing: