SN 737: Biometric Mess

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Securious!! Do I have to say more?

Steve mentioned the Yubico software that makes it possible to log into your computer using just the Yubikey. Isn’t it the case that modern operating systems let you do this already?

I will be ordering a Yubikey soon, so I’m interested to hear about what’s possible. In Windows under sign-in options, I can see the option to add a physical security key. Is this option different to Yubico’s product?

In other news, yay for Firefox! I just updated to version 70 and played with the new features. There are some cool statistics on the tracking it has been blocking for me (and yes, I made sure the blocking level was set to “strict”). The update also brings some nice new developer features.

I’ll quote this curious bit of text from that page:

Having not tried it yet, I am curious to understand if this is just a wrapper to the existing username/password, or if you enter it once as permission to replace it.

Yes and no. Smartcards are supported in Windows 10, but you need the relevant driver, and they are generally aimed more at corporate machines.

The Yubikey software adds mutli-factor authentication to Windows 10 local accounts (no (Azure) Active Direcrory or Microsoft accounts).

I know how smartcards work (I use one) and I’m pretty sure they need Active Directory, not SCCM.

Anyway, this is what I’m referring to in Windows:

Correct, my mistake. SCCM is needed for Windows Hello authentication (camera, fingerprint etc.) in a domain.
The Yubikey certainly doesn’t work on my Windows 10 domain PC with the Security Key option.

Steve and Jason were discussing the difficulty of identifying Realtek Wi-Fi chipsets in various Android devices. Sure enough, I found no information on my Samsung S9. It’s easy enough, however, to locate the MAC address of the Wi-Fi interface either on the device or at the router. Using that, simply look up the address using one of several freely available services online to verify the manufacturer!