TTG 1783 for Sunday 28 March 2021

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security key backup?

Leo pointed out how valuable it is that Authy backs up one’s tokens. (I love that about Authy!)

The only reason I don’t use a security key is that no such backup is possible. Or is it?
(I know one can create more than one security key, but as I understand it doing so is a completely separate and duplicative process, and not a sync. Now, I understand that some may see the lack of sync as a feature of enhanced security, but I see it as a dealbreaker.)

Yeah that’s what I do. I bought three Yubikeys. Validate them all, then keep two somewhere safe with the third on my keychain. Not that hard to do, and the ultimate in security.

Google’s Advanced Protection requires two keys for just that reason.

Thank you for confirming my understanding and for the encouragement, Leo!

I could deal with the initial creation of multiple keys. Having to drag them out every time I create a new token sounds like a hassle though so I’d probably want to only put the most security-crucial sites on them. I’d still worry that I’d missed a token on one since it’s a manual process; so I feel like in lowering one risk I’d be introducing another. But I’ll still probably make the leap when I get a phone with NFC.