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@Leo , I am an admin and we have always installed the printers for our users - I would guess, around 70% of them don’t understand the concept of shared printers and printer drivers.

None of our users have admin access to their PCs. Even we, in the IT department don’t have admin access to our PCs with our normal user account. If we need to do something that needs admin access, we have an extra admin account.

I use the same discipline at home. In fact, GTA V asks for an admin password every time I start it. I just deinstalled it today, as it gets on my nerves.


Re: listening to music while writing, workings etc - I find that video game soundtracks work well. They are designed to help you focus.


If you have the money to spend, there’s always https://home.focusatwill.com/

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I’m like Paul, I can’t concentrate if there is background noise going on, whether it be music or people talking.

Paul mentioned the Office menu bar was too large. It can be tailored by turning off rarely used features, but this would still take up screen real estate.

A better option is to add only the few commands you frequently want to the upper Quick Actions in the title bar. This gets you a small but easy way to streamline the most-used in your daily workflow (especially if they don’t have keyboard shortcuts).

I like this for Move Up & Move Down in bulleted lists.

@Leo you are probably aware of Steven Sinosky’s blog recounting the early years and growth of Office, but this week highlighted (?) BoB/Clippit/Clippy. Sounds like these quick serial updates will get consolidated as chapters in an upcoming biography.

This title of a tech-before-it’s-time says it all:

Love the title! That’s the best link bait ever!

Turns out it’s a Bill Gates quote - now that’s priceless.

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Another of Paul’s complaints is that there is no way to sync/save any configuration. Since he isn’t a normal user, this isn’t a normal user problem, but for him, with constantly using new/different evaluation PCs any configuration becomes a chore he has to do over and over.