Skype can now send money ?!

The three-dot-menu on the bottom right of a Skype window has new functions. I know: super exciting. But wait: it appears you can now send money through Skype. Interesting, right?

Not seeing a three-dot-menu at the bottom right, only next to my name at the top. No payment option.

I’m on

We are on the same version. It might depend on the other side being on the same version as well…?

Aha, on mine it is to the right of the message entry box.

Funny how they different UX modes for such basic functionality. Wonder if they do A B testing with usage statistics?

It’s in mobile too by tapping the + when in a chat, the same way you add an image

So it seems to have been there for a while. A tie in with PayPal.

Thank you for pointing this out! I am surprised I never noticed that even though it’s right there. I use Skype multiple times a week and would have expected to know the app. I guess it goes to show how little one might know even a supposedly familiar application in times of continuous patching and feature evolution.

Send me a dollar so I can see how it works. Worth a try? j/k

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Tried stuffing a bill into my laptop’s cash slot. Made a strange sound. Appears shredded and devalued on my end. Did it materialise at your end? :confused:


Hello, I am Prince Akeem Joffer, I need to get my money out of the country, if you can send me the money for the transfer fee, I can transfer the $20,000,000 to your account…

Skype, making scamming easier since forever.

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Well you may or may not be aware of the new hotness that is the pornographic world of “Just x Fans” sites. (They seem legion these days–rely on pornographers to be early to spot a way to make a buck off the disadvantaged.) This Skype feature sounds perfect for the “stars and starlets” of these sites. They can connect one on one, get the payment up front, and proceed with providing the service. Go go Gadget Gig Economy :crazy_face: