Skype forced installs (and the rest of them)

As of today it seems Micro$oft are forcing Skype to install in Windows 10.
a) My laptop has no camera, mic or mic socket
b) I would have installed it if I wanted to
c) forced install apps from M$ do not have an uninstall option

I think Micro$oft are going too far. The Google eco-system is a mess due to preinstalled apps and lack of removal options for unwanted and problem apps.
Do we have to put up with this crappy behaviour from M$ as well ?

All this shovel-ware being spammed at me via the app store is unwanted and unreasonable.
I have no wish for all these cruddy games for kids. I have no wish for a dedicated twitter app. I have no wish for many items it seems have been installed on my system.

I can put up with having installer stubs in case I need to install something, but installing stuff I never asked for…
No. I do not live in China so why am I expected to put up with someone else deciding what I should use in MY SYSTEM ?

Wow I just checked my laptop with 2004 on it and it was installed on it but I was able to right click and uninstall it from the start menu with no issue.


I think it comes already installed anyway, when ya buy a new PC. Looks like they just slipped it back in again. But yea - you can remove it


That’s not unusual at all, I believe there are multiple apps that get reinstalled or set back to the primary app after updates. Its just like the Microsoft account nag that started off just being a little difficult to find the link to setup a local account to now it constantly berates you. I’m sure a lot of the apps will become the same way soon.

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I think (intentionally or otherwise) MS has always had an issue/bug tracking which “preloaded” apps need to be updated. I have used the Group Policy to disable OneDrive and yet it randomly gives me the icon back again… if not on a Patch Tuesday then definitely on a OS version update. With my update to 2004, I got back Solitaire Colection and something else I already forgot, but I just right collected and uninstalled them again. I did not get Skype back though.

Make the jump to Linux! And become the Boss of your device again!

Also make a sandwich board sign to wear around town saying “I really enjoy self flagellation!” Hint: There is a reason why Windows is the most successful operating system in business… most people don’t enjoy being an admin, they just want stuff to work… for the rest there is IT.

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I think you miss my point good fellow, As a Windows user you are not really the boss of your PC. I was razzin

I have a Mint Linux box also XP, 7 and 10 rigs.
The issue of ownership of the system is indeed the point I make.

Win10 comes with several preloaded installers which skype is one of and I never needed to make use of.
Microsoft have taken it into their hands to move from simply recommending apps to installing them.
If I look in my library there are loads of installed apps I didn’t and don’t want.
Items you chose to install will have the option to be removed here where they all list, much like the add/remove programs applet.
Heaven forbid MS would consider some consistency in their OS, so anything you didn’t install needs a less obvious removal.

Thankfully since first setting up the system and removing the games, til now only twitter installed itself.

For those that want to nip this in the bud, there is a handy registry tweak to stop store apps being installed for you.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Thanks to Spartan at the Wilders Security forum for the tip.

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Oh right on, Mint is pretty good. I’m more a fan of Debain and Arch. I’m afraid that the password on Win 10 is only there to make you feel good. It’s fake IMHO

Skype has been part of the default software package for a while now it isn’t new. It not a forced install, every copy of Windows that you install has Skype regardless if the computer has a camera, mic or not. I have one desktop PC that had a clean install of version 1903 and I didn’t seek out and install the desktop Skype on like other PCs. Skype is there(its now at 1909), its not the desktop version of Skype but its there in the start menu if you go and look. I have actually researched Skype has been in Windows 10 as one of the default software pre-installed since version 1511.

The fact is you do have control its a desktop OS not a mobile OS in which you do see that. Windows has always had a default set of software since Win 95, its just in Win 10 they are changing what the default software from what it used to be for many years prior to Win 10. but you can uninstall what you want. Its amazing that still certain people complain like it new and doing wrong without actually looking in to it. I have tested it on a couple PCs that have version 1909 I have uninstalled Skype on them successfully even the default.

The admin account is disabled by default on Windows.

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True, Running around in “Root” by default is still bad IMO make a user right away!

No you are mistaking the skype installer in win 10 for an installed and running copy.
It is not installed and will not run when you switch windows on, until you chose to use it for the first time.
The start menu is loaded with lots of stuff that is not actually installed till you click it.
Swap to an alternative menu such as OpenShell and all that crud disappears because it only shows what is really installed in the system.
This means there has been no skype icon in my menu to accidentally click and install.

The issue is that Microsoft have decided to install skype fully, not that they provide loads of installer stubs.

I use Pidgin, Miranda and Trillian for IM so have ZERO need for Skype to be installed, because Pidgin and Miranda support it, and when needed I can just go to the web skype and use that with any old browser, so once again do not install a load of bloatware.

To the average user those installer stubs look like software that you actually have installed. I know better than that because there was no skype folder in my system until MS made the decision for me. At which point it appeared.

This is not happening on any of my half-dozen machines, so I don’t know why you’re having this much “fun.” To be clear, I have never, EVER used Skype even once in my life on any of the machines, and I always uninstall the app that comes “free” with a fresh install of Windows.

Lets get this straight, I am not a average user. I’ve been using Windows since Windows 95 quite familiar with it. Yes it is a version of Skype that its not the desktop version. It was introduced in Windows 8 there was actually 2 versions of Skype the desktop and a web type version. I have clicked and opened it from the start menu the one in Win 10 that is by default. And what Microsoft is doing is updating that version that is installed by default to the current desktop version they seem to be getting rid of the other version that I had mentioned. That is why you think its a forced installed.