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We want to start making some short video clips for our winery, mainly for YouTube. We have a lot of footage including some drone shots of the vineyards from a previous project which we can reuse. So now I’m looking for a simple editing solution - mainly to cut the shots into small pieces, add some background music, maybe some overlay text or a graphic of a wine bottle with wine from that vineyard at the end.

I dabbled in Premiere Pro while in university, but the learning curve is too steep form me, rather spend the time in the vineyards and the cellar :wink: So I’m looking for something easy to learn without many bells and whistles. Commercial and Free are fine for Windows 10.

Thanks in advance for suggestions…

P.S: Thanks for the great shows and content, keeps me entertained while out working in the vineyards and in the cellar.


Alex Lindsay on MacBreak Weekly recently recommended HitFilm by FXHome. They have a 100% free version called HitFilm Express. It’s available on Windows as well as Mac and I’ve found it relatively easy to use. You can drop audio and video tracks, and have various text/graphic overlays. And they have a crapton of tutorials on YouTube.

It may be overkill for what you need but I’ve used it and like it.

You can find it here: Download HitFilm Express - Free Video Editing Software - FXhome


I have found getting basic work done in Adobe Premier Elements to be pretty straightforward. (There is only so much simplification to be done when you consider the complexity of video editing.) It’s not too expensive, and if you wait for a sale, you can probably get it half off like I did. (So around $50US.) Easy video editing software | Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 You might also want to try the free version of Davinci Resolve ( DaVinci Resolve 17 | Blackmagic Design ) but I suspect it might be even more complicated than Premier. There is the open source OpenShot but, like Davinci, I have never used it, so I am not making a specific recommendation.


What about the Windows Video editor?
It seems simple enough and can probably cut stuff and add graphics, not sure about overlay text

For the free one and fully featured you could go with Kdenlive Kdenlive | Libre Video Editor


I’m in the DaVinci Resolve camp, but as others said it’s a bit hefty so maybe not what you’re looking for.

I really wish Microsoft hadn’t retired the old Windows Movie Maker program. I tried the new one and found it really frustrating to use for simple cutting and editing.


I think that Resolve and Premiere are pretty similar feature wise (when it comes to simple editing). Resolve has some more advanced functionality but are out of the scope of @moulari’s use (like colour grading, audio and, animation).

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If you want super simple and something that does everything you just described, I have to agree with @Adrian on this. I use Windows Video Editor from time to time and it works really well. When I want to do more fancy stuff I use something more high end.


Thank you all very much for the suggestions. I might give the Windows Video Editor a try, to be honest, I totally forgot about it and even forgot that there was one integrated in Windows 10. Used it some years ago and didn’t like it. @knewman second that the old Windows Movie Maker was great.

Probably will end up using Premiere Elements, just saw a deal online for around 50 € which is OK for me.



Good luck. I’ve not seen wmm in yrs, but I remember it was quite easy to grasp.