Samsung S8 to Pixel 4A - is this an upgrade? Or am I just paying for 3 years of updates?

I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I pulled up the side by side of the S8 and 4A processor and GPU.

My 3 year old S8 is more powerful? That surprised me. Will the 4A at least feel faster due to Google “streamlining” it better, as I’ve read?

My battery life on the S8 is so-so, but losing the water resistance is a pretty tough loss for me, as it will be used pretty regularly outdoors, potentially in light rain.

I think I’m still sticking with the replacement because of Android 10 and more regular security updates, but I would listen if someone told me I should abort now and wait for another option.

A device without security updates is putting the data on it and any other devices on your network at risk. So, it is worth upgrading just for that, as you say.

I switched from a Huawei Mate 10 Pro to a Galaxy S20+ this year and there weren’t any “big” improvements that made me say, “yes, that makes it a no-brainer”. In fact it had a couple of negatives over the Mate 10 Pro, namely the camera and the fingerprint reader - the reader is slow and unreliable, the Mate’s worked 100% and quickly, the Mate 10 Pro has better optics, but the AI overdoes the images, the S20+ optics aren’t as good, but the AI is more conservative and provides better results.

In the end, it was the lack of updates (Huawei stopped updates at the end of 2019 ) that made me keep the S20+

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I guess I would follow up to my original post with - should I trade in the S8 for ~$100, or just hang on to it for some reason? (I can’t see myself swapping back and forth at all.)

Take the cash! In the past I always held on to my old phone “just in case” and I just ended up with a bunch of old devices that weren’t worth anything, lol.


Yea, that’s why I jumped to the S9 a few months ago when the glass on my S8 broke. I ALWAYS use the finger print reader, and the ones on the S10 and S20 don’t seem to work very well from what I have read.

I still get updates on the S9, but yea… I won’t get them as long as you do.

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