How do we all feel about Xiaomi, One plus & huawei?

First off let me say that I love many phones from all of these companies. They all make great products. But do you trust them?


More than I would trust Google…

I had a Mate 10 Pro, which I replaced with a Galaxy S20+ this year. To be honest, when I got the S20+, at the end of the 2 weeks, I was still umming and awwing, whether to keep it or not, because there wasn’t anything significantly better than the 2.5 year old Mate 10 Pro and the fingerprint recognition was dreadful, in comparison. I did go with the S20+ in the end, but mainly because of the update situation.

If there had been a Mate 30 Pro, I’d have gone with that, but it was delayed in Europe and finally appeared without the App Store. I could live without the Google services, but I still need my common applications, some like the banking and local transit apps just aren’t on the Huawei store yet, with dropped it off the list.

I still have a P20 for work. It is a great little phone, I get about 5 days battery life out of it, because I only really use it when I have to visit other sites, so maybe 20 minutes of calls a month and looking at emails a couple of times a month, the rest of the time, it just sits in my backpack.

I went with the Samsung, because I don’t trust the USA Government at the moment and what they are doing with China. If the Huawei store had managed to get the local apps, I’d have stuck with them, but it was too much of a risk, as to whether the apps I need on a daily basis would arrive in the app store or not.

That USA’s trade policies on a specific country are affecting me, in another country half way around the world, shows just what a disasterous state the world is in at the moment.


I understand not necessarily Google, but I think the gist of the question was trust based on the country of manufacture, not the features of the phones. Why would you trust the phones more? I am not saying they are spying on owners, but given the system they are produced under shouldn’t some caution be in order? Just because we don’t know about it doesn’t mean it isn’t occurring.


It was based on the companies. I think Google is much worse than Huawei, Xiaomi or Oppo.

Huawei has been accused of spying for their government, but nobody has any proof.

On the other hand, Goggle’s raison d’etre is to spy… Then you have the Patriot Act, NSLs etc.

I wouldn’t trust the regimes of either country, where the companies are based as far as I could throw them. Both have proven themselves equally untrustworthy over the last decade or so.

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I don’t trust the USA Government right now either. It’s so surreal, I pinch myself on a regular basis (making sure this isn’t a horrible nightmare)


So I’ve decided to sell most of my tech that was manufactured in China. dropping zoom. and pretty much as much stuff as I can.This has proven to be pretty difficult. Even company’s that aren’t in China source chips from there. I may keep My oneplus 6T for the Camera but won’t be using it as my daily driver. Custom firmware here I come.

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I would not trust them

One Plus? ……

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None of them because they’re Chinese owned and based - the Chinese government can DEMAND that they do anything

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I agree with you. But what about Foxconn?

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The US government as well…

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Then you are going to be able to buy much of anything. Almost everything has at least part of it made in China now.

I just bought a new HP laptop built to my specs. I was surprised when they shipped it because I saw on the tracking number it came from China. It’s been a week in China, 3 days in Japan, 2 days in Hawaii, and I finally just got it yesterday.

I assumed it would have been assembled here in the States.

Define “trust”? Trust generally isn’t something I’d place in a faceless company, regardless of where their books reside. But simply using some electronics doesn’t require a whole lot of trust on my end, at least the way I use them. Less trust than driving a car imo.

That being said, I’ve been using a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S for a few years now, and I haven’t been whisked away in a white van w/ a Chinese license plate yet.

They’re not a Chinese company

Perhaps not, but any data you provided likely have

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I doubt it, the US govt tries to get companies like Apple to break into criminal’s iPhones and Apple refuses even in the middle of a terrorist investigation with the terrorists dead

That we know of… There are three FISA courts and national security letters. They are not allowed to talk about them, they can’t even talk to lawyers about them.

That may be the case, but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Read the EULA.

Regardless, I’d be more concerned about the government that has actual jurisdiction over me rather than the Chinese govt on the other side of the world. I’m more worried about China dropping a Long March rocket on my house accidentally (which happens more often than it should) than purposefully using my smartphone data against me somehow.

I’m convinced that this hysteria over China is being fueled by business entities that have made poor investments over recent years in order to reap short term profits rather than fuel true, meaningful growth and innovation. Now they’re on the precipice of having their lunch eaten by cheap Chinese labor, since they spent years teaching Chinese factories exactly how to make all this cool stuff that we came up with. So now it’s up to the US govt to set some policies to level the playing field. Step one is propaganda. Get people to mistrust these companies; get people all riled up about whatever the current hot-topic is (data privacy, thanks Equifax!), and point it directly at some Chinese companies.

Our government has a long history of doing all kinda crazy things to better our corporate interests. I’m not saying that to judge, I’m just laying it out because it’s a fact that builds my opinion. Convincing citizens that Hauwei is the boogey-man is pretty saintly and imho, kind of clumsy on the scale of those things.

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In the final analysis, it’s better to be safe than sorry, when dealing with a totalitarian, communist government who has concentration camps full of Uyghurs - just sayin

And the less I fuel the CCP the better. Just to be clear I have no issue with the people of China.

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