Safari 15 and bookmark sidebar

Upgraded to Safari 15. One thing that has disappeared is the bookmark sidebar being there when I click on the “show start page” icon. I loved the fact that the sidebar was there and automatically went away when I clicked on a bookmark. Now, I have to click “show sidebar”, then click “bookmarks” to see them. When. I choose one, I then have to close the sidebar manually. Frustrating - any thoughts?

I’ve noticed this. Do you use the Apple start page? If you right click it or hit settings, you can select what appears on there. One of the options is your favourites.

Another option is use full-screen mode. The sidebar then auto-hides, move the mouse to the left of the screen to show it - but you do have to hit bookmarks still.

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I do use the Apple start page. I do see the favorites, and they are there. Those are the same as what shows at the top under the URL bar. However, the bookmarks that are on the left sidebar are a much longer list, and there doesn’t seem to be an option.

Thanks for the suggestion on full screen mode - not ideal, but it is an option.

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Yeah you have to drag all your bookmarks under favourites for them to all appear there. You can still keep any folders, so they do stay organised.

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