"Ring" and 2 Factor

Today I received an eMail about setting up 2 factor. THERE IS A PROBLEM!
I use Ring on two devices. On my Android phone this would work fine, but on my Chromebook I would have to go through 2 factor every time someone is at the door.
This is because they by default sign you out every time.

Can’t you leave it running in a tab on the Chromebook?

I don’t have a Chromebook or Ring, so I can’t answer that, but if it is constantly running in a background tab, surely you don’t have to log in every time someone comes to the door, just when you boot up the Chromebook?

Jeepers that would be idiotic. All you need is to require two factor when a NEW (as in never seen before) device wants to control your hardware. This should result in them needing to supply the 2nd factor and your other devices getting notified that someone accessed your account.

On the Chromebook, is this the Android app or the Ring web interface? If the latter I don’t think Ring expect you to answer the door via the web. There’s no option to on mine?

I never intend to answer. I only want to view the person. Our door does not have windows. Can’t see why RING does not use cookies to keep it open until I sign out, or log out of Google. Just like every one else.

Chromebooks are discarding ‘unused’ tabs ATM, causing lots of problems for users so not sure this would work. I’m certainly unable to use pop out media player while scrolling through Reddit. Unless I restart from Chromebook EVERY day.

‘Can’t see why RING does not use cookies to keep it open until I sign out’

I assume because then the cookies could be spoofed/session hijacked?

Don’t think this is limited to Chromebooks (or Chrome). Firefox on a Mac, and the Ring web interface will always log you out after a period of inactivity, and then need 2FA to get back in. Can’t see Ring relaxing this at the mo given the press.

Good to see they’ve now implemented an email check the first time your account is accessed from a new device/browser.


UPDATE…The problem gets worse! Ring continues to log me out when I leave the Chrome site. In addition if I want to go to the Community Forum using their link - Boom 2 factor kicks in. These people are idiots.
Please remember The problem is only on Chrome. Android works fine.

What’s the saying? Be careful what you wish for?

After all the press and bloggers have been bashing them for the last few months, 2FA is now mandatory.

From what I can see, any browser now enforces 2FA for every login. On the phone app (Android or iOS) it stays authenticated for a while, but I read somewhere it will need re-authorising regularly.


Just had a thought, does the Ring Android app work on your Samsung, rather than using the web?

Ring works ok on Mobile. IE: Android, Moto G, Oreo. Its just the web site on Chromebook that has this problem.
They just need to put a cookie in to keep you logged in until you sign out. How would you like it if Leo required you to do 2 factor every time. you visit here.

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Agreed, it does seem OTT for just accessing the Ring Community bit of their web site. Looks like they’ve applied the same authentication mechanism to all Ring logins (not just accessing the cameras).

Leo doesn’t have cameras in my house though (I hope!)

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