More Bad for Ring.Com

I wasted an entire morning trying to find out why I could not video connect with my Doctor.
Bottom line is that Ping.Com had takin over my camera and microphone. Connected OK with Doc after denying Ring. I don’t ever remember giving them permission. They have their own Cameras and mic’s why do they need more. After denying my cam & mic I notice no difference in Rings performance. I am ready to throw all the Ring junk in the garbage can.

Without access to the microphone you won’t be able to talk to visitors who ring your doorbell.

What OS? On Android Ring has media file access (saving vids), microphone and location (so it can group cams by location).

I set everything to only while app is in use, although for geofence to work, location needs to be all the time.

Excellent point… Right now I have Mic allowed Camera denied
I run chrome on Chromebook…

Odd it was stopping the doctor’s webchat software though. Maybe it wasn’t permissions, but you had a tab open in Chrome with Ring. So Ring was hogging the mic/camera.

No tabs were open. Ring apparently had complete control and was not letting go.

UPDATE… Although I restored my cam after taking the afore mentioned action. Cam testing showed problem was still there.
Re-viewing all of my apps I noticed one called VA connect. I have no Idea how it got there nor had I ever completed any sign up. After uninstalling it web cam started working. Reviews for this app are really bad.
Please withdraw any negative comments toward Ring.Com. Its all about learning this enormous world of computers.

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Glad you got this resolved. And yeah I suppose you’re issue is probably also why the software has such poor reviews everywhere.