Reply-to-post button on this platform

Does anyone else experience a strange behaviour of the reply-to-post button?

If I want to reply to a specific post, not simply add a thought to the thread I am reading, I usually tap the reply symbol in the post I want to reply to instead of the reply button on the bottom of the thread.

However, it seems that this does not consistently generate a reply to a post, but sometimes only add to the thread without referencing the post replied to. My current working hypothesis is that the reply button on the latest post in a thread acts as a reply button to the thread and not the post.

Goes without saying: it’s not a big problem, simply a bit of a nuisance, but I wonder whether others experience this, too, or whether I am simply OCDing over this a bit. Reflecting on these to options, I suppose both might be true. :slight_smile:


Yes, and yes: your theory is correct; others have digested the same query.

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The simplest solution, which works correctly in EVERY case, is to quote a bit of the post you wish to reply to. Simply highlight the relevant text in the post, and look for the hover text that reads “Quote”. Click on the hover text and it will do the BB code for you… never failed me yet!


Lovely - “today I learned”. :slight_smile: Thanks!