Flag post as inappropriate

I would suggest a report post button or flag that could alert moderators of potential community posting violations. I have already seen a few inappropriate posts but have no way to flag them. Maybe there is a way to also have it require a certain number of uses before it becomes valid and will help prevent abuse of the feature. A good community like to police themselves when possible. Thanks.

There is such a thing already. On the bottom of any post, click the “…” and look for the Flag icon.


I dont see a … what browser are you using? I only see the … on my own posts.

I’m using Firefox.

Here’s what I see: https://snipboard.io/EJaxvR.jpg

It’s possible you’re too new of a user level. Give it a bit of time (and behave) and the board will automatically promote you.


That’s what it was, I can now see the additional choices now that I have been promoted. Thanks for the reply.

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With great power comes great responsibility. I feel confident you will take pride in keeping things here great… it’s truly a shame that we have need of moderation because of babies who enjoy spoiling the fun for others…


While there’s certainly use in flagging, I’d love to see a companion to the “heart” button: I am currently in dire need of a “confused” or “you lost me there, buddy” button . :smiley: